Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina Ninja Pancakes Family consists of Thomas Harper, Kayleigh Okpych, and our sweet daughter Indica. We spend each day working diligently to make handcrafted love for the world. We hope that the love that we put into our art touches the hearts of those who see it and that it creates a rippling effect. When we aren't at home creating art and frolicing through the mountains and woods, we are travelling to and fro to spread the Ninja Pancake love far and wide. We frequently vend at festivals and small events. If you happen to see us stop in for some free hugs and if you come on the right day...some pancakes! <3


SoapS,hygiene,and Auramatherapy!

Kayleigh and Thomas work as a team to create products that most people use daily that are alternative to the toxic chemical concoctions that people are poisoning themselves and the planet with each day. Plants are our friends and we love to embrace the plentiful healing properties that they have to offer. We create a large variety of high quality artisan soap, most of which are great for all  skin types, including babies. We also put together myriad of other products including toothpowder, herbal mouth wash, herbal oil pull blends, herbal tinctures, salves, lotions, chap-stick, massage oils, deodorant, essential oil blends in the form of sprays and roll ons, herbal inhalers, baby care products, pet care products, facial cleansers, clay masks, salt scrubs, shampoo, bath bombs, hand sanitizer, bug repellent, CBD products,  and much more. Our stock tends to vary but we try to keep a wide variety of different products at all times so that there's a little something for everybody. All of our products are made with nothing but ingredients from mama earth. One of our main goals when we first began creating products in 2013 was to create completely natural products that everyone uses while keeping the prices low enough that even people who can't normally afford to buy the fancy natural products at big chain stores can still use  high quality, high-frequency natural products. Caring for the earth and caringothers  for starts with ourselves. Self-love is too often overlooked and should really come before anyelse. thing 

Hand-Blown Glass 

Ninja Pancakes Family was founded upon Thomas's passion for Glassblowing. Thomas started blowing glass sometime around 2012 and has been at it practically full time ever since. He carefully crafts many types of glass art including pendants, functional smoking devices, sculptures, jars, ornaments, decorative knick-knacks, drinkware, vases, and more. Thomas is always happy to work with customized orders and special requests. He uses borosilicate glass, so all of his pieces are very sturdy and built to last.


Hand-sewn Leatherwerk

Hand stitched with love, we use secondhand leather scraps to create beautiful art. Some of the things we commonly make are medicine pouches for holding those treasures dear to the heart, wrist cuffs, belt pouches, messenger bags, and one of a kind utility belts/skirts. Sometimes we make some really special items like large backpacks, decorative head wear, and warrior adornments. 



Fabric Creations  

We love to sew! Check out our variety of fabrications made with love. We make adult clothes like pants, skirts, hats, and a very large variety of all sizes of baby and children clothing. The majority of the things we sew are made from upcycled materials.

Beautiful gems and minerals 

Come check out our collection of beautiful gems, minerals, fossils, and collectibles! :] We have been mining, rock-hounding, and trading for gorgeous minerals for years now and would love to keep them moving about to their proper homes. Stones love to move from place to place and we love keeping that energy flowing. :]