Sunshine Daydream Lavender Tangerine soap

Sunshine Daydream Lavender Tangerine soap

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A delightfully calming yet uplifting soap great for any time of day. This soap (along with just about all of the soaps I make) is gentle enough to use on hands, face, hair, and body, and is soothing for little ones too. Softening shea butter makes this soap healing and moisturizing for the skin. This bar of soap tends to last a very long time even when used many times a day as a hand soap. 


Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and the pure essential oils of lavender and tangerine. 

Colored with logwood. When I first cut this batch of soap they were a vibrant, very bright purple. Minutes later that vibrancy dulled... But they still do smell pretty! :p 

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