Head-Ease herbal CBD tincture

Head-Ease herbal CBD tincture

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100% organic handcrafted goodness.

A versatile CBD tincture based around issues regarding the head including headaches, migraines, nervous tension, anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, irritability, and more. Below is a list of the herbs/ingredients used and their many uses. <3 

Dosage: 1-3 droppers full several times a day as needed. 

Wood betony- (betonica officinalis)

Energetics: bitter, cool

Meridians/organs affected: liver, heart

Part used: aerial portions

Properties: nervine, sedative, astringent, bitter tonic

A tonic with widespread benefits! Highly rated and frequently used for such diverse complaints such as low spirits, poor liver function, urinary tract problems, headaches, circulation weakness, and joint pains..

Great remedy for chronic headaches, anxiety, hysteria, nervousness, insomnia, toothaches, and head related issues. It is also great for menstrual pains, mouth and throat irritations, and skin conditions.
-Contains glycosides which may reduce blood pressure, which may be why it is so powerful for relieving headaches.
Antonius Musa, Chief physician to the Emperor Augustus of Ancient Rome wrote a long treatise on wood betony, showing that it was a cure for no less than 47 diseases.

* Wood betony is entirely safe to use even in substantial doses for young and old and even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

*may be noticable temporary increase in head symptoms after using wood betony for a few days,. This is good as it means that there will soon be a significant improvement in mental health and well-being.


White willow Bark

Energetics: bitter, cold

meridians/organs affected: liver, kidneys, heart

Part used: bark

Properties: alternative, anodyne, febrifuge, astringent, antiperiodic, and vermifuge

Contains salicylic acid, the precursor of aspirin, which can be used without any of the long term side effects of aspirin.

Treats headaches caused by dampness and heat in the gastrointestinal tract, rheumatic aches and pains, recurring fevers, gonorrhea, ovarian pains, dyspepsia, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, worms and edema. It also may be taken as a bitter tonic.
Can help to reduce pain, fever, and headaches, migraines, and inflammation.

“In the herbal treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain, a daily dose of 3 x 60 mg standardized white willow tablets led to a dramatic reduction in other pain medication being required. Over an eight week period, 97% of participants reported a reduction in their pain and 18% reported no pain at all.”

Has shown to be effective in reducing pain in people with fibromyalgia, post surgical pain, crohn's disease, and any disease characterized by pain and inflammation.

*anyone sensitive or allergic to aspirin or salicylates should not take this herb



Energetics: bitter, cool

Meridians/organs affected: stomach, liver

Parts used: leaves and flowers

Properties: antipyretic, carminative, purgative, bitter tonic

Treats colds, flu, fevers, and digestive problems, effective against headaches, especially migraines.

Evidence shows that Feverfew has in many cases significantly reduced migraine attacks and in some cases completely stopped all occurrences.

-contains Parthenolide which reduces muscle spasms, which is why it is so effective in reducing and relieving migraines. It also helps the brain’s blood vessels from contracting, and prevents inflammation.
Treats menstrual irregularities, skin conditions, stomach aches, asthma, fevers, arthritis, nausea, psoriasis...

*if you are allergic to the daisy family, chamomile, ragweed, or yarrow you should not take this herb. For ages 2 and up.

If you have been taking it for over a week you shouldn’t stop taking it abruptly because one may experience withdrawal symptoms.

*do not use for migraine resulting from a week, deficiency condition.



Energetics: bitter, cool

Meridians/ Organs affected: heart/ liver

Parts used: aerial portions

Properties: nervine, sedative, antispasmodic

Relaxes nervous tension, induces calm and counteracts sleeplessness. Eases premenstrual tension, strenghthens the brain, useful in the treatment of chorea, epilepsy, and seizures. One of the best herbs to break addictions and to ease the problems associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal

Has been used for over 200 years as a relaxing tonic. Very calming. Calms spasms, reduces fever, treats nervousness, insomnia, irritability, and neuralgia. Very effective for treating anxiety and tension headaches. In chinese medicine it is used to calm the mind to prepare for meditation.Can relieve menstrual discomfort.



Energetics: bitter, spicy, neutral

Meridians/ Organs affected: liver, stomach, lungs

Part used: flowers

Properties: calmative, nervine, antispasmodic, anodyne, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, carminative

Used for nervousness, headaches, anxiety, cramps, and spasms. Also is beneficial for cold and flu symptoms. Frequently used for digestive complaints. Very effective treatment for menstrual cramps. Calming. Anti-inflammatory, proven to help anxiety and depression, effective for treating insomnia, rheumatic pain reliever. High in antioxidants. Greatly reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Releases tension and reduces the body’s stress response.


MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides):

Have more energy

Think more clearly

Improve mood

Improve digestion

Balances hormones

Fights bacterial infections and viruses


CBD (cannabidiol)-

Limits inflammation

Reduce feelings of pain

Has been used for over 3,000 years in alternative medicine

May be very effective for reducing pain associated with headaches and migraines

Peppermint essential oil-

Helpful for those who are suffering tension headaches and migraines.
Brings more blood flow to the brain.

Relaxes blood vessels.


Mg of CBD:
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